Checking out Tega Cay Baptist Church this Sunday? Then check-in with KidCheck!

Click the link below to preregister your kids to ensure a safe and easy check in. 


At Tega Cay Baptist Church we have a passion for child safety. To ensure kids’ safety, we have an easy-to-use computer check-in system called KidCheck. KidCheck gives parents a positive experience as they check-in their children to our children’s programs. Parents have the option to preregister their kids at and, upon arrival, print labels detailing each child’s name, classroom, and any allergy warnings or special instructions. A guardian sticker will also print out with matching water marks and a numerical code used to match the guardian to their children at pickup. A special feature of KidCheck includes emergency text messages should your child need you during the service. We hope this provides all parents peace of mind while worshiping with us.