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The Advancement of Technology and the Digression of Morality

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“The Advancement of Technology and the Digression of Morality”
By: Matt Williams

This is 2018 and while the advancement of technology has helped reduce the number of abortions because of the availability of the ultrasound, it has also brought about challenging ethical questions that we now have to answer as Christians. It is no longer news that since 1973 there have been a reported 50 million plus abortions. The numbers have ballooned to a mind-numbing proportion that almost has no meaning. It’s like the old sign that McDonalds used to display “Over 99 Million Hamburgers Sold.” The number is so high it loses its meaning. But since we are not talking about hamburgers, but human life, one abortion is one too many.
Today in 2018, the numbers, while staggering, are not so much the story but the advancement of technology which allows doctors to detect certain deformities giving the parents choices that the western world never had to make in generations past. In a recent article entitled “Erasing Our Humanity: Facing a Silent Genocide” author Josh Wester informs us regarding Down Syndrome, “With the advent of prenatal screening, a mother can elect to have her child tested for genetic defects while still in utero. As a consequence, a positive result indicating the presence of such a defect usually ends in abortion—67 percent of the time in the United States,
and a nearly 100 percent “termination” rate in Iceland.” This raises interesting ethical and spiritual questions that Christians must think through. Should I abort my child if I discover something less than satisfactory during the testing? Should I even get the test done? Is God sovereign over Down Syndrome, blindness, deafness, eye color, gender, height, weight, skin color, intelligence and everything else? This new technology raises all kinds of questions. Suppose one day we will be able to not only abort our child if we find out something we don’t like but add things to our child that we do like. Are we headed in the direction of adding chromosomes to our child in utero to make them taller, smarter, the gender we want, the eye color we want? Should humans have this type of power? It is indeed a brave new world that confuses bravery for playing God. Christians need to be crystal clear on this issue. God is sovereign and has made you just the way you are, sin, warts and all, for His glory, and we should leave it at that. Besides having perfect bodies is something we, as Christians look forward to anyways at the 2nd coming of King Jesus. We can endure 80 years or so with bum knees and backs, high cholesterol and a firm dependence upon Jesus to carry us through. While God does knit us together in our mother’s womb fully human, we come out fully sinful, and in need of a savior, and this is point.

Posted by Matt Williams