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Biblical Success is Faithfulness

Biblical Success is Faithfulness

The world defines success by results or production. Christians must be different because we trust in a sovereign God. This means that all outcomes of our decisions are his and his alone. We must not try to control things we cannot control. We are faithfulness driven, not results driven. faithfulness is all he requires. The only ability God cares about is your ability to obey his commands and trust in him for the outcome. Keeping faithfulness as the biblical definition of success protects us in four ways.

  1. Faithfulness protects us from the comparison Game. If we lose sight of a sovereign God we can easily fall into discontentment as we compare ourselves with other Christians and their accomplishments. We so easily fall into the sin of comparing ourselves to other Christians who have seemingly done more for God. But God has not called you to be results driven. He has called you to be faithful and leave the results to him.


  1. Faithfulness protects us from pride. Measuring your Christianity by what you have not done for God always leads to pride. What festers in the heart of a person who becomes discontent in what God has not allowed them to do? Pride. Simply being faithful and trusting God brings peace to your mind protecting you against an over inflated opinion of yourself.


  1. Faithfulness protect us from thinking too less of ourselves. Satan whispers and says, “God does not think you are good enough. If he did, he would give you that position in life.” If not governed by the biblical definition of success, our hearts will sink into depression which soon leads to a deflated, paralyzed Christian who blames themselves for the result they did not desire and completely missed being successful in their faithfulness.


  1. Faithfulness also protects us from apathy. Apathy is a common misapplication of the sovereignty of God. The bible never uses the sovereignty of God to promote apathy. God’s sovereignty always promotes action. Has God placed you in a position to do something great for his kingdom? Then do just that with all your might! God expects you to make wise changes to your situation if he has given you the ability and position to make those changes. Why withhold a blessing from others when it is in your power to bless them? Why withhold your gifts and talents from God and the church when God has blessed you with them? Our actions, or lack thereof, are reflections of our trust in God. Whatever you find your hand to do, do it with all your might and leave the results up to God!
Posted by Matt Williams