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To Do, Or Not To Do?

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To Do, Or Not To Do?

Should a Christian dance, go to the movies, or play cards? What should he or she wear? What kind of music should be listened to? Can a child of God go out to lunch after church or mow their lawn on Sunday? How should a Christian decide whether or not to engage in certain activities that represent differences of opinion?

Here are some questions to help you apply wisdom to some gray issues of disputable matters.

1.  Is the activity within the moral will of God?

2.  Is the activity being done under the control of the flesh or the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:13-26)?

3.  Could this activity become an addiction or enslave others (1 Corinthians 6:12)?

4.  Does this activity go against my conscience (Romans 14:14)?

5.  Could this activity damage my reputation as a follower of Christ (Romans 14:15)?

6.  Can this activity be imitated by others (1 Corinthians 10:33 – 11:1)?

"3 Signs That Your Church Is A Rescue Boat"

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3 Signs That Your Church is a Rescue Boat

The church should never be compared to a cruise ship. The church is more of a rescue boat. The difference is stark.

1.  Sacrifice
If the church is to be a rescue boat for those without a relationship with Christ then we must be characterized by sacrifice. God has uniquely equipped His people to give out of the gifts and resources that He alone provides.

2.  Humility
We must be others-oriented. The church does not exist to fulfill any one person’s personal preferences. Our goal is to glorify God by bearing much fruit. That is done by making disciples.

3.  Trust
Just as rescue workers have to trust their equipment on their rescue boat, we have to trust the Bible. Trust Christ. Trust each other.

A church that has its eyes on itself to the neglect of the community and the Great Commission will not be around very long. Yet, a church focused on evangelism and discipleship will bring glory to God.

5 Ways to Pray for the New School Year

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5 Ways to Pray for the New School Year

Whether you homeschool, go to private school, or public school, it all begins again in a few weeks. Each new school year will bring challenges and blessings. Some of the challenges that can be expected will center on academics, relationships, and schedules. Some of the blessings that will likely be experienced will center around…you guessed it…academics, relationships, and schedules. So how can we as parents use this time in our kids’ lives to pray for them?

 Here are a few ways we can pray.

First, pray that your children will take academics seriously. Their futures are being formed right now. Most kids don’t understand how important that is. We, as parents, have experience on our side regarding this.

Second, pray that your children will have a growing awareness of how God wants to use them as they grow and mature. They are being prepared to serve the Lord full-time in whatever line of work He calls them to. School is a very important part of that preparation.

Third, pray that your children would have an open eye and heart for the needs of those around them. School can be a great training ground for putting others first by serving them in Jesus’ name.

Fourth, pray that your children will look out for the lonely ones. Cliques can be very intimidating for new students or for students who are usually left out. It is important to pursue new friendships with new kids.      

Fifth, pray that your children will openly share their faith. School is a mission field. Schedules, whether for sports or music lessons, are open doors to share the gospel with those we come in contact with.

God is at work in all our activities. Let’s pray for a school year that will glorify God by putting Him first.



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