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"3 Signs That Your Church Is A Rescue Boat"

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3 Signs That Your Church is a Rescue Boat

The church should never be compared to a cruise ship. The church is more of a rescue boat. The difference is stark.

1.  Sacrifice
If the church is to be a rescue boat for those without a relationship with Christ then we must be characterized by sacrifice. God has uniquely equipped His people to give out of the gifts and resources that He alone provides.

2.  Humility
We must be others-oriented. The church does not exist to fulfill any one person’s personal preferences. Our goal is to glorify God by bearing much fruit. That is done by making disciples.

3.  Trust
Just as rescue workers have to trust their equipment on their rescue boat, we have to trust the Bible. Trust Christ. Trust each other.

A church that has its eyes on itself to the neglect of the community and the Great Commission will not be around very long. Yet, a church focused on evangelism and discipleship will bring glory to God.